Simon Plant draws on the rich diversity of Traditional East Asian Medicine practices to choose a treatment strategy that is appropriate for each individual.

Simon specializes in treating complex conditions that have not responded to previous treatments and works in collaboration with other mainstream and complementary healthcare practitioners.

Treatments are highly individualised and based upon each patient’s circumstances and needs. Using a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine Simon is able to address short-term acute conditions and provide support for long-term chronic illnesses.

Simon works with his clients towards a resolution of their problems and provides lifestyle advice with the ultimate aim to restore wellbeing and preserve health.

The Water Margin

The Water Margin is central to Simon’s ethos.  The concept of water and its smooth flow is central to East Asian philosophy and health care. Ensuring a smooth, unobstructed flow of energy in the body is essential for maintaining health and wellbeing. Illness arises when there is an obstruction to this free flow. By facilitating the free flow of energy in the body through the use of acupuncture and herbal medicine wellbeing is restored and maintained.

The Water Margin (aka Heroes of the Marsh) is also one of the classics of Chinese literature written during the Song Dynasty (12th Century) and based on older folklore.


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